Bridgette Brown is a confidence coach and a goal strategist. She has a sincere desire and passion to coach women who have experienced life-altering situations and, now, find themselves carrying the heavy feelings of defeat, dealing with a lack of self-worth and self-confidence and fighting to keep their dreams alive, but experience the feeling of being “stuck.” 


"One of the things I struggle with is accepting the fact that I can't do anything about my past. Bridgette has helped me develop the tools & mindset to use my past as fuel for my future!"


Bridgette understands these feelings and challenges, all too well, as she has personally encountered several life-altering events. A few years ago, the Shreveport native experienced a failed marriage that ended in divorce which left her facing financial struggles and suddenly becoming a single mother to three small children. She faced public failure while serving as an educator in a prominent position in her community and dealt with the loss of friends and family members. Since then, Bridgette has raised her three wonderful children, re-established her career, earned her fourth degree, and is continuing to create the life of her dreams, which she credits to her relationship with God; her focus on improving herself through self-love and discovery; and planning and executing her goals that align to the life she desires for herself and her family.



It is Bridgette’s desire to impact the lives of women by helping them to understand that they are perfectly created to fulfill a purpose here on Earth and that they are empowered within themselves to live in their purpose and live a most fulfilling life. She is committed to helping women strengthen their self-worth and confidence through leading them in the process of self-love and self-discovery. She teaches women how to take responsibility for creating the life they wish to live by helping them to systematically establish personal goals, create plans of action and monitor their progress towards goal attainment.

If you are that woman who is ready to create your best life and willing to
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